Three Words that Changed My Life

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I created this newsletter to inspire my friends and followers every week to connect at a much deeper level. I intend to share all my productivity hacks. Also, I will share some tips and tricks on how I manage to stay active and productive, what projects I am working on and some beautiful philosophical inspiration that I found useful over the week from my research, interaction with students and professionals.

I hope you will find it very informative and useful along the way.

Inspirational Message


The three words that changed my life:

  • Attitude: A feeling or opinion about something or someone

  • Aptitude: A natural ability to do something.

  • Altitude: The height of anything above a given planetary reference plane

It is your attitude and not your aptitude that determines your altitude in life.

…Read that again.

Quote of the Week:


Stop deceiving yourself, life will not get easier, you are the one to get stronger.

What I am working on:


I am currently working on my 100 days motivational videos challenge from my private office. In this 100 days challenge, I will be sharing a video everyday on my personality, life experiences, things I find interesting and motivational, how I manage my time, how I manage disappointments and failures and my overall perception to success.

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I wish you a successful week ahead.


Dr. Rasheed

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