Why You Need a Second Brain

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This week’s newletter is about why we need a second brain.

Our brain is for having ideasnot storing them – Tiago Forte

How many brilliant ideas have you had and forgotten? How many insights have you failed to take action on? How much useful advice have you slowly forgotten as the years have passed? Having a second brain can help you solve all these problems.

So, the big question is:

What Is a Second Brain?

I know what you are thinking right now…

We are not talking about literally replicating the human brain or creating an artificial copy of your mind.

When we talk about a second brain, we mean an external system for capturing, organizing, retrieving, and archiving the thoughts and ideas bouncing around in your head.

What’s wrong with having just one brain?

Nothing, really. You need at least one, but two is optimal. Why? As it turns out, the one we’re born with is limited in many ways. The methodology of building a second brain helps bridge the gaps in our ability to learn and retain information. With a second brain, you’ll be able to:

  • Process, store, and comprehend information better
  • Recall information easier when you need it
  • Link information and see patterns in your thinking
  • Free up mental stress, be more organized, less stressed, create a personal knowledge archive and generate new ideas.

So yeah, one brain is fine, but if you’re really looking to expand your knowledge and/or grow on a personal or professional level, then you need a second brain.


Start building your own second brain, your own digital note-taking system, to distill, organise and share the insights you come across. It will change your life.

Have a great week ahead.


Dr. Rasheed

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